Integrative Therapeutics is expanding their support of NERC!

Residency opportunities for Naturopathic Physicians 

Accredited, community based, with support beyond placement.

Let's get you placed.


1) Increase Residency

Increase post graduate residency and training opportunities for NDs.

2) Educate Residents

Educate ND residents in clinical practice settings.

3) Clinical Research

Support and conduct clinical research in private practice settings.

4) Community Education

Education of community and allied practitioners in collaborative medicine.

5) Grow Healthcare

Maximize our contribution to the overall health care system.

Our Vision

CNME accredited residencies for naturopathic physicians

Non-profit 501-c3 organization

Collaboration with Bastyr Univiersity, NCNM, and SCNM

Partnerships with local clinicians, hospitals, healthcare agencies, and research institutions



720 N30th
Billings, MT 59101
(503) 222-2322

8:30a – 5:30p*
*phone off from 12:30-1:30